Three unique gadgets that caught attention at CES 2024 | The Express Tribune

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CES 2024, one of the largest consumer electronics exhibitions globally, is currently taking place in Las Vegas. The globally renowned platform is an overwhelming experience due to its vast range of new products and numerous company announcements.

Despite spending a whole week exploring the event, you would likely miss some of the new gadgets or company promises for a more efficient and fulfilling tech experience. To simplify things for you, here are the top three unique, interesting, and occasionally peculiar products showcased at CES 2024;

1. Samsung’s AI robot Ballie

At CES 2024, Samsung revealed an updated version of its Ballie personal assistant robot. The new Ballie features a refreshed design resembling a character from the video game “Among Us,” complete with bright colours and a square display. It’s equipped with front and rear cameras, functioning as a companion, entertainment device, and a security tool. Ballie can follow its owner around, respond to calls, and control smart home devices like lights and thermostats. A notable addition is its onboard projector, which automatically adjusts projection angles based on the viewer’s posture and facial angle, and can stream content from various sources.

2. Lotus Ring

At CES, a startup named Lotus introduced a ring designed to control smart home devices. The ring features an infrared transmitter and a button that, when pressed, sends commands to compatible Lotus smart home products. These products can turn off lights and activate plugged-in appliances. The ring can also control TVs, and a future version is expected to include a touch sensor for channel and menu navigation. The ring is especially beneficial for people with limited mobility, offering them a simple solution to manage their home environment without needing extensive smart home setups.

3. iPhone keyboard

Clicks Technology has introduced a $139 iPhone keyboard case that appeals to fans of classic BlackBerry devices. This case offers a satisfying typing experience and surprisingly comfortable handling of a longer, encased iPhone. Beyond nostalgia, the physical keyboard is designed to assist people who find it challenging to type on smooth, touch screens, including those with physical impairments like blindness. The keyboard supports various iOS shortcuts for efficient navigation and operations like web browsing and spotlight search. The company is also developing additional shortcuts for frequent iPhone tasks, making it a potentially valuable tool for power users and content creators seeking to enhance productivity.

Apart from these gadgets, different brands have introduced some very interesting and advanced products. Here is a sneak peak into it.

CES serves as the tech industry’s annual New Year celebration. Held in January, it gathers participants from nearly all areas of the industry to make announcements and showcase previews, establishing the trends and expectations for the upcoming year.

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