Transform your bad webcam quality with Camo 2.0 | The Express Tribune

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Most laptops feature a rather bad built-in webcam that makes videos appear blurry with bad pixelated images, ruining much of video-conferencing and Zoom meetings. The Camo 2.0 transforms your laptop’s camera to make it seem like you’re streaming from a professional camera.

Camo is a downloadable app for Windows and Mac that improves the webcam installed with tools, filters, and settings you can use for the perfect image. The app essentially uses your phone as a webcam while using your laptop, offering you a range of options to manually control the image being transmitted.

With this app, users can adjust brightness and saturation levels, add filters, overlays, and control resolution. Control the flash option for more lighting while adjusting the frame for a zoomed-in or pan-view look. The latest update, 2.0, introduces green-screen mode, which will blur everything behind the subject, with an additional portrait mode option for webcams that don’t allow that.

While Camo won’t give you the perfect webcam image, it will still tweak and make your webcam quality seem better during meetings. The basic free plan only offers the basic tools, but all the good features can be availe for $5/month or $40/year. Download the app here and give it a try, if you need to improve your terrible web-cam quality.

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