Diljit Dosanjh’s Transformation as Amar Singh Chamkila: Unlearning for Biopic Revealed | – Times of India

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It’s been only four months into 2024, and it seems like Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh has already owned the year. From his musical performances to his international collaborations to his movies, something or the other is keeping him in the headlines. As of now, it is his upcoming movie ‘Chamkila’ that’s making news, and that too for all the right reasons.
In a recent interview with PTI, Diljit candidly discussed the rigorous preparations he undertook for his role, shedding light on the invaluable guidance he received from acclaimed filmmaker Imtiaz Ali.

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Reflecting on his portrayal of Amar Singh Chamkila, Diljit revealed that immersing himself in the persona of such an iconic figure necessitated a process of unlearning and rediscovery. He elaborated that it was a unique opportunity for him as an artist to embark on this journey. Starting from scratch can be daunting, as one often finds himself grappling with his own identity. However, as an actor, Diljit saw it as a chance for growth and exploration.
While Diljit confessed that he didn’t delve deeply into the preparations for the role, he acknowledged the pivotal role played by Imtiaz Ali in shaping the narrative. Dosanjh remarked, “He had a clear vision about the character of Chamkila. I knew Chamkila as an artist, but I had no idea about how he was as a person or how he would perform on stage. I got a lot of help from Imtiaz, sir.”
Discussing the significance of the biopic, Diljit emphasized its broader cultural and historical context. He noted, “It is not a fictional story; it is true. I feel there’s something to learn from this film, too. Those who don’t know about Chamkila will know about him, and those who are fans of Chamkila will definitely watch the film.”
‘Chamkila’ headlined by Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra will be available on OTT from 12 April.

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