‘Wedding Impossible’ actress Jeon Jong Seo faces accusations of school bullying – Times of India

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Accusations of school bullying have emerged against actress Jeon Jong Seo, known for her role in the drama ‘Wedding Impossible‘, sparking controversy across various online communities. As of April 4, these allegations have garnered attention, shedding light on the star’s past conduct during her school years.
One anonymous netizen, who claims to have attended the same middle school as Jeon Jong Seo, voiced their concerns, stating, “I kept seeing advertisements with Jeon Jong Seo these days and it made me angry, so I began looking up news about her, and I saw one online post talking about how past accusations of school bullying against her have been deleted without a trace.I also looked up a post I wrote in the past, and sure enough, it was gone”, as quoted by AllKpop.
Providing further insight into the alleged incidents, the netizen detailed their personal experiences, revealing, “I went to the same middle school as Jeon Jong Seo. Some people claimed that Jeon Jong Seo graduated middle school overseas so the bullying accusations must be rumors, but she actually attended middle school in Yeongdeungpo until early on in our second year before moving overseas. She stole other kids’ uniforms and athletic uniforms at her whim, cursed at them if they refused to hand their uniforms over, and became wrapped up in fights. Once, when I refused to give her my uniform, she cursed at me every time she saw me at school. I would run away and hide in the bathroom, and she would kick the door so I stayed there and waited until it became quiet before I came out”.
“Numerous other accusations posts have surfaced in the past with similar stories, only to be taken down at the speed of light by her agency. Doesn’t it seem suspicious, like she must have something to hide?” the netizen shared. This rapid removal of allegations raises suspicions and prompts questions regarding potential attempts to conceal or dismiss the claims.
Responding to the recent outcry, a representative from Jeon Jong Seo’s agency, ANDMARQ, offered a brief statement, stating, “We are currently preparing a statement”.

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