SHINee’s Minho charming high school persona revealed in viral anonymous post – Times of India

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Recently, an intriguing anonymous post concerning SHINee‘s Minho and his high school days has captured the internet’s fascination. This post, swiftly circulating across various social media platforms and online forums, offers an interesting peek into the backstory of the beloved idol.
According to the anonymous author, Minho made a splash when he transferred to Konkuk University High School during either their first or second year.The school, with its separate classes for boys and girls, found itself enamored with the budding star.
As quoted by Koreaboo, “I think it was during my first or second year of high school when he transferred to Konkuk University High School. The school had separate classes for boys and girls, and he was incredibly handsome and had a cheerful personality. At that time, SHINee was about to debut, and he was quite popular at school. He even got Girls’ Generation’s autographs for his friends and teachers. Everyone loved him because he was genuine and kind-hearted”, shared the anonymous netizen.
They further revealed, “Despite his small face, his distinct features made all the other boys look plain in comparison. He absolutely loved soccer and was actually very talented at it. During lunchtime, he would play soccer in the schoolyard, and the girls would only cheer for Minho, causing the other boys to feel left out”.
Two noteworthy comments appended to the original post have also garnered attention. One of the comments reads, “SHINee’s Minho is an Arsenal fan. He’s a loyal guy who has been continuously supporting a team that hasn’t won a championship in about 20 years. There’s no way he could be involved in any school violence”.
Meanwhile, another netizen shared their own recollection of Minho’s nature prior to his transfer to the school in question. The comment mentioned, “Before he transferred, we played soccer together at Incheon Yeonsu High School during our first year. He was really skilled at soccer, haha. But man, he had a habit of using his elbows excessively, that cheeky little… He was so tall and handsome, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy”.
Originally posted on the popular community platform TheQoo, the post has rapidly amassed over 45,000 views and garnered hundreds of comments, sparking lively debate. While some netizens expressed initial concern that Minho might be exposed for possessing a negative personality trait, others found humor in his alleged ‘dirty’ soccer tactics involving his elbows.

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