When Villain Ranjeet spent his entire salary treating the ‘Khote Sikkay’ team, including Danny and Feroz Khan, with Rabdi – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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The Feroz Khan starrer ‘Khote Sikkay‘ has just completed 50 years. But do you know there were three films inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Seven Samurai’: ‘Sholay’, ‘Khote Sikkay’, and ‘Khoon Ki Kimat’ starring Mahendra Sandhu?
Film historian Dilip Thakur informs, “It was only after Rajesh Khanna rejected ‘Khote Sikkay’ that Feroz Khan was roped in to play the cowboy.’’
Thakur recently met actor Ranjeet, who shared interesting trivia from the shooting of the film.Thakur said, “In the village where ‘Khote Sikkay’ was being shot, a woman had a dairy business. Ranjeet asked the woman to supply rabdi to the film’s unit daily on his behalf. And the total bill for Rabdi was Rs 12,000, which was more than his remuneration for the film. Ranjeet got only Rs 10,000 for the film, but he was happy enough to pay that amount as everyone had a great time shooting for the film.”
When ‘Khote Sikkay’ went on the floor, the primary work on Ramesh Sippy’s ‘Sholay’ began with the main cast. Thakur informs, “Danny played an important role in ‘Khote Sikkay’ and that one of the main reasons Danny Denzongpa rejected ‘Sholay’ who was offered to play Gabbar.’’
He adds, “Since ‘Khote Sikkay’ was a smaller film, it got made quickly. And did decent business at the box office. ‘Sholay’ took time to get completed and released. It was released a year later, in 1975.”

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