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YG girl group BABYMONSTER has shed light on their debut journey, preparation process, and thoughts on comparisons with industry giants like BLACKPINK and fellow 5th generation group ILLIT. The members shared their unique perspectives, providing fans with valuable insights into their aspirations and experiences in the competitive K-pop scene.
When News Culture questioned them about being referred to as “BLACKPINK’s sister group”, Rora replied, “We are all just thankful that we went through our trainee days watching Blackpink seniors.It’s meaningful and honorable that we were able to receive a little more attention thanks to that title”, as quoted by kbizoom. Amidst discussions surrounding the mixed reactions to their debut track ‘BATTER UP’, Rora emphasized her perspective on the matter. “‘BATTER UP’ is a song that expresses us well. It was a lively song to show our lively side. We have no major regrets because we fully understood and practiced the song. We know that we can’t be loved by everyone because everyone has different tastes. If people are disappointed with this song, we can show a new side of ourselves in the next song.”
Subsequently, when asked about HYBE’s latest girl group, ILLIT, as potential rivals to BABYMONSTER. Ahyeon responded, “I think it’s more important to develop ourselves rather than competing with other groups. We need to comfort each other and create a cool image.” In a surprising revelation, Rora disclosed her close friendship with a member of ILLIT, expressing mutual support and goodwill between the two groups. Furthermore, she shared her aspiration to perform at Coachella. Ahyeon confided her dream of leaving a lasting impression at prestigious award ceremonies with unforgettable performances, while Asa expressed her desire to embark on world tours and hold concerts.

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