Manoj Bajpayee: ‘Satya’ was shelved because Mr. Gulshan Kumar was killed – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Manoj Bajpayee is still remembered for his iconic character, Bhiku Mhatre, from the Ram Gopal Varma film ‘Satya’. Over his career spanning more than three decades, Manoj has consistently impressed audiences with the interesting characters he has portrayed. Once again, he is poised to captivate viewers with his role as ACP Avinash Verma in the upcoming thriller film titled ‘Silence: The Night Owl Bar Shootout’.In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, the seasoned actor not only discussed the characters he has portrayed over the years but also reflected on the ones that hold a special place in his heart.
Speaking about his renowned character Bhiku Mhatre from ‘Satya’, Manoj expressed, “I have so many memories. I always say that I thank Bhiku Mhatre for providing me with a career where I still feel relevant, where I am still working, where I am collaborating with the next generation, and where I am working with my very old friend Aban. So I feel grateful and thankful. I’m grateful for the role that has truly given me such a long career, which is Bhiku Mhatre, and there are countless memories. In fact, there is a book on the ‘Making of Satya’; Udya Bhatia has written it, and the book only covers 20 percent of it.”

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He recounted, “Until the release of the film ‘Satya’, I never informed my family in the village that I had signed a significant role in a major film by Ram Gopal Varma because I was scared. This industry used to be so fickle and unpredictable that I feared it might just get shelved. And it did.”
“Satya was shelved because Mr. Gulshan Kumar was killed, and the film was halted after three days of shooting, and our careers were in jeopardy. However, within the next 10–15 days, the film began to regain momentum. There are too many memories. I could talk endlessly about ‘Satya’.” he concluded.

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