‘Queen of Tears’ blooper clip goes viral; Fans enjoy Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s hilarious moments – Times of India

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Recently, a blooper video from the set of the ongoing drama ‘Queen of Tears‘ is causing quite a stir across social media platforms, and it’s easy to see why. This endearing snippet offers a glimpse into the playful friendship and undeniable chemistry between the leads, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won, leaving fans swooning and eagerly awaiting each new episode.
The scene unfolds with Kim Ji Won, nestled comfortably on a bed, while Kim Soo Hyun stands beside her. What begins as a simple rehearsal takes a hilarious turn when Soo Hyun hands Ji Won an hourglass instead of a glass of water. Undeterred, Ji Won gamely plays along, pretending to take a sip while struggling to contain her laughter.
As the rehearsal progresses, Soo Hyun throws himself into his lines with fervent passion and animated gestures, only to veer off course into a nonsensical gibberish. Flustered, he sheepishly confesses, “I don’t even know what I’m saying”. A staff member also chimed in, acknowledging, “that’s what it feels like”.
But the real comedic gold unfolds when the director calls for action, and Soo Hyun, in the heat of the moment, forgets his lines entirely, resulting in an impromptu “hey” that sends Ji Won into a fit of laughter. Ever the gentleman, Soo Hyun apologizes saying, “Sorry, sorry”, showing his doe eyes.
As they prepare to reshoot the scene, all seems to be going smoothly until Soo Hyun, unable to resist a mischievous impulse. Kim Soo Hyun became flustered and couldn’t contain his smile while looking at Kim Ji Won. Placing his hand over his mouth in an attempt to suppress his laughter, Soo Hyun’s efforts were in vain as Ji Won burst out in laughter. It’s all because of a Soo Hyun’s ad-lib idea, which proved to be too hilarious for the actor to handle. When Soo Hyun reaches his limit, he eventually throws in the towel, humorously exiting the scene with a resigned sigh and a tray in hand.
‘Queen of Tears’ has aired 8 episodes till now and will conclude its run by end of April. The drama has gained a lot of momentum in the viewership race.

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