Kangana Ranaut comes out in support of Hema Malini, Alia Bhatt to play jazz singer in SLB’s ‘Love and War’, Salman Khan not filing a case against Kunal Kamra: TOP 5 entertainment news of the day | – Times of India

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In the ever-dynamic world of entertainment, each day brings forth a cascade of headlines, from celebrity controversies to exciting film announcements. Today is no exception, as the industry buzzes with noteworthy developments that capture the attention of fans and enthusiasts alike. From Kangana Ranaut coming out in support of Hema Malini, Alia Bhatt playing jazz singer in SLB‘s ‘Love and War‘, to Salman Khan not filing a case against Kunal Kamra, here’s taking a look at top FIVE entertainment news of the day!
Kangana ranaut comes out in support of Hema Malini
After an alleged sexist remark by Congress leader Randeep Surjewala against BJP’s Mathura MP Hema Malini, the latter said she is “not bothered” by such remarks.Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut also came out in support of the ‘Dream Girl’ of Bollywood.Kangana expressed her dismay, suggesting that such derogatory comments reflect a disturbing trend. She pointed out the irony of the situation, where not only are young women subjected to objectification, but even a respected senior like Hema Malini faces derogatory remarks about her age and profession. Ranaut implied that such behavior reflects a toxic mentality that denies women their dignity and autonomy, suggesting that those responsible for such remarks might as well retreat from public view entirely.

Randeep Hooda: ‘I stood up for Alia Bhatt genuinely because she was unfairly targeted by Kangana Ranaut’

Vivek Agnihotri on actors entering politics
Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri explores the intricate relationship between cinema and politics, shedding light on the longstanding tradition of socio-political messaging in films. He underscores the significance of Indian cinema in addressing societal concerns and advocating for social change through compelling storytelling and political narratives. Agnihotri emphasizes the potential for cinema to serve as a platform for enlightenment, urging filmmakers to harness its power to educate audiences and provoke meaningful discussions on pressing issues.

Alia Bhatt to play jazz singer in SLB’s ‘Love and War’
Alia Bhatt is set to portray the character of a jazz singer, a role that promises to be both intriguing and dynamic. As reported by, the film features all three actors navigating through complex characters entangled in emotional turmoil and confronting complicated circumstances. This revelation hints at a storyline rich in depth and complexity, offering audiences a captivating cinematic experience filled with compelling narratives and nuanced performances.

While the specifics of the male lead characters remain under wraps, Alia Bhatt’s role as a jazz singer in the upcoming film has garnered significant attention. Excited about the opportunity, Bhatt, known for her previous singing endeavors in films, sees this role as a thrilling challenge. It’s speculated that this character might be the most intricate one in her filmography yet.
Salman Khan not filing a case against Kunal Kamra
The alleged defamation case involving Salman Khan and comedian Kunal Kamra has been debunked as misinformation, causing confusion across various media platforms. A reliable source close to Salman clarified that the actor has become accustomed to the controversies surrounding his public image, acknowledging that even negative publicity tends to enhance his visibility.

Contrary to widespread rumors, Salman has no plans to pursue legal action against Kamra or involve himself in any legal disputes over derogatory comments. Reflecting on his past legal experiences, Salman’s father advised him to disregard such provocations, recognizing them as mere attempts to garner attention. This stance highlights Salman’s preference for focusing on his work rather than engaging in unnecessary confrontations.
Exclusive photos from sets of ‘Singham Again’
Exclusive stills from the Mumbai sets of ‘Singham Again’ offer a sneak peek into the film’s grandeur, featuring a sprawling police station set and a vast ground, presumably for adrenaline-pumping action sequences. The boundary is delineated with a blue screen, hinting at the incorporation of cutting-edge visual effects to elevate cinematic experiences.

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