Ranjeet reveals that Madhuri Dixit cried profusely during a molestation scene with him in ‘Prem Pratigya’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Ranjeet is known for his negative roles in indi cinema and for being the ‘bad guy’. So much so, that even in real life when one sees him, his on-screen image somehow is always on everyone’s minds. In a recent interview, Ranjeet discussed one such negative role and instance when he had to do a molestation scene with Madhuri Dixit.
This scene was from the film ‘Prem Pratigya‘ when Ranjeet was supposed to do a molestation scene with Madhuri Dixit and she started crying! He said in an interview with ANI, “She (Madhuri Dixit) started crying and refused to do the scene.I was unaware of the situation… some art director had told me. The crying continued, I had to go to another shoot and I told them to call her. But no one told me that Madhuri is not agreeing. Ultimately, she agreed. Veeru Devgan was the fight master. He said that we will keep rolling the camera: ‘beech mein camera cut nahi hona chahiye (the scene shouldn’t be cut in between)’. Molestation is a part of our job. The villain is not bad. All my heroines were very fond of me because I never used any force.”
He further added that he would be a lot of fun on the sets, “I used to have fun on the sets, like when I would tell my co-stars, ‘darling thoda udhar muh karo mai change kar leta hu (face the other side, I’ll change)’. I was not even used to going to the makeup room. Very normal and all that. I was accepted like that; otherwise, they would say I’m fake,” he said.
In the same interview, Ranjeet also spoke about his friendship with Parveen Babi and said they bonded well. He also revealed that he was offered to play Gabbar in ‘Sholay’ but refused it!

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