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Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest cruise company, is pleased to announce that Mahogany Bay Cruise Center, its port destination, has been honored with the esteemed Honduran Ecological BlueFlag recognition for the period spanning 2022 to 2023 from the Honduras Ministry of Tourism.This prestigious recognition, awarded in the beach category, underscores the destination’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, education, safety, and accessibility, meeting rigorous criteria set forth by the program.

The Ecological Blue Flag program, embraced by Honduras, serves as a testament to the commitment to environmental responsibility. Recipients must consistently uphold a strict set of standards encompassing environmental preservation, educational initiatives, safety measures, and accessibility enhancements. Mahogany Bay Cruise Center’s acknowledgment reflects its exemplary implementation of leading environmental practices in line with global conservation endeavors. This accolade reaffirms Carnival Corporation’s steadfast commitment to pioneering sustainable cruising practices, advocating for proactive climate measures to preserve natural resources and protect the planet’s ecosystems.

Situated in Roatan, Honduras, a picturesque natural haven renowned for its pristine white beaches, crystalline waters, and the world’s second-largest coral reef, Mahogany Bay earned this distinction through its exceptional environmental management initiatives. These efforts encompass comprehensive waste management strategies, rigorous water quality assessments, and impactful environmental education programs.

“Earning the Honduran Ecological Blue Flag distinction with the highest possible rating of five stars is a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism,” said Juan Fernandez, vice president, destination operations for Carnival Corporation. “This recognition underscores our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Roatan, Mahogany Bay and the many destinations and communities we visit for generations to come.”

To uphold its prestigious Blue Flag status, Mahogany Bay remains unwavering in its commitment to meeting and surpassing all specified criteria, subject to yearly confirmation. During coastal clean-up activities in 2022, the cruise center diligently processed around 1,120 pounds of recyclable materials. Similarly, in 2023, Mahogany Bay’s team collected approximately 1,100 pounds of recyclables and 2,300 pounds of non-recyclable waste, demonstrating their continued dedication to environmental stewardship.

In addition to their waste management endeavors, the port team actively engages in essential initiatives such as monitoring the quality of seawater and potable water, implementing wastewater treatment protocols, and executing comprehensive waste management strategies. Notably, Mahogany Bay places significant emphasis on community involvement and sustainability projects, including coastal clean-ups and mangrove reforestation efforts. These endeavors underscore the cruise center’s commitment to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

This recognition not only underscores Mahogany Bay’s dedication but also aligns with Carnival Corporation’s overarching strategy to embed sustainable practices across its operations, thereby setting a significant standard for environmental excellence. Through persistent efforts in conservation, waste management, and educational outreach, Mahogany Bay serves as a model of sustainable tourism, inspiring others to adopt similar initiatives.

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