Japan Airlines Unveils New JAL Corporate SAF Program to Promote Sustainable Aviation Fuel Usage – Travel And Tour World

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Starting in April 2024, Japan Airlines (JAL) is set to introduce the “JAL Corporate SAF Program,” aimed at certifying the environmental benefits of reducing CO₂ emissions through Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). This program will be offered to corporate clients in Japan who utilize JAL’s flight services.

JAL has dedicated efforts to reduce its direct (Scope 1) CO₂ emissions from aircraft operations and indirect (Scope 2) CO₂ emissions. Through a new initiative, JAL aims to also aid in decreasing Scope 3 emissions, which encompass emissions from other companies associated with its activities, particularly for corporate clients.

Under this initiative, JAL will monitor and manage CO₂ reduction data using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) certificates, which signify the achieved CO₂ reduction rate through SAF utilization. These certificates, ensuring transparency and credibility validated by third-party entities, will be issued and offered to corporate clients seeking environmental benefits.

Participation in this program allows corporate clients to track and reduce CO₂ emissions stemming from air travel for cargo shipments and employee business trips. Moreover, these certificates serve in disclosing and calculating CO₂ emission reductions, as required by entities like TCFD, CDP, and similar organizations.

By engaging in this initiative, corporate clients contribute to sustainable air travel by supporting the growth and adoption of SAF, pivotal in decarbonizing the aviation sector.

The JAL Group is steadfast in its goal to substitute 1% of total onboard fuel with SAF by 2025 and elevate this to 10% by 2030. To achieve this, JAL will advance SAF procurement both domestically and internationally while fostering collaboration with diverse stakeholders within and beyond Japan’s industry boundaries to produce and commercialize domestically sourced SAF.

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