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The Kuching Pickleball Association serves as the primary organizer of the main tournament, with BESarawak playing a crucial role as the Exclusive Strategic Advisor, offering in-kind support to ensure the event achieves sustainability and meets international standards.

The International Tournament receives endorsements from both the Malaysia Pickleball Association and the Sarawak Pickleball Association at the organizational level.

Pickleball, known for its inclusive nature catering to all ages and abilities, encourages interaction across various industries and communities. Participation in the tournament is open to corporate organizations, public sectors, associations, clubs, and individuals eager to join in the excitement.

At today’s press conference, The Honourable Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Minister for Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development Sarawak and Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performing Arts Sarawak stated that “the International Tournament is relevant for Sarawak to strengthen its destination profile in sports and sports tourism. As the host of SUKMA 2024, Sarawak is already in the spotlight; the International Pickleball Tournament is another strategic opportunity to show Sarawak’s ability to host global sporting events and boost our image as a sports tourism destination.” 

“With more sports associations developing new events in Sarawak, we attract new investments in sports facilities and infrastructure. Growing and sustaining our sporting communities requires education, engagement, collaboration, and inclusion, as demonstrated in this pickleball tournament.”

As the Exclusive Strategic Advisor, BESarawak’s contribution is to guide the Kuching Pickleball Association in developing a sporting event that can be sustained. According to Dato Sri Abang Haji Abdul Karim bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg, Chairman of BESarawak.“This Tournament can be a recurring event and transformed into a potential legacy for the pickleball community and Sarawak’s sports tourism. The Tournament’s outreach goes beyond the competition itself as the Kuching Pickleball Association partners with us to include the ‘Books Build Legacy’ corporate social responsibility programme with a target of 2,000 book donations in aid of Sarawak’s rural schools.”

“Community development is always a priority for us in the industry and the Tournament is a product of collaboration between business events players uniting for change. This is our contribution to developing Associations and major events.”

Ruslan Bujang, President of the Kuching Pickleball Association mentioned “Pickleball is a healthy way of managing stress, living an active lifestyle, and building new friendships and connections. The Tournament is a great opportunity for cross-cultural exchange between Malaysian and International communities; bridging the worlds of sports and education through this tournament, where players compete while making meaningful contributions to local communities.”

The tournament will consist of three main categories:

  1. Open (Team) category
  • Maximum of 48 teams allowed
  • Prizes range from RM10,000 (including a trophy and medal) to RM1,250 (including a medal)
  • Registration fee: RM1,200 per team
  • Subcategories: Men’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Veteran Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles
  1. Women’s Single category
  • Prizes range from RM125 to RM1,000 (inclusive of medals)
  • Registration fee: RM100 per player
  • Maximum of 24 players permitted
  1. Novice category
  • Prizes include Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
  • Maximum of 24 pairs
  • Registration fee: RM50 per pair

The BorneoPickleball International Tournament is held in collaboration with:

  • Malaysia Airlines (Airline Partner)
  • CPH Travel (Travel Agency Partner)
  • Grand Margherita Hotel and Riverside Majestic Hotel (Hotel Partners)
  • Sarawak Tourism Board (Promotion Partner)

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