Severe storms across Maine creates havoc for travelers

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Travelers and tourists are being cautioned about the risks associated with a potent nor’easter that hit Maine on Thursday, unleashing heavy snowfall coupled with fierce winds. The storm’s intensity has led to trees and power lines being toppled throughout the state, presenting significant hazards on the roads.

The Buxton Maine Police Department has issued a warning following a vehicular accident on Parker Farm Road, resulting in the closure of key intersections, namely Christian Rowe at Parker Farm and River Road at the West Buxton Bridge. Authorities are advising against all non-essential travel, emphasizing that the downed lines and trees have rendered the roads perilous. The police also noted that there would be a substantial delay in reopening the road, attributing the setback to the storm’s persistent winds, and urged the public to seek alternative routes and exercise patience.

The storm’s peak, marked by the heaviest snowfall and most vigorous winds, occurred during the early afternoon of Thursday, with coastal areas experiencing wind gusts of up to 55 mph and inland regions facing winds up to 45 mph. Although a gradual improvement was expected later in the day as the snowfall lightened and winds diminished, Maine was still anticipating considerable snow accumulations, potentially exceeding a foot even along the coastline.

York County, western Maine, and the mountainous regions were projected to bear the brunt of the storm, with some areas possibly receiving upwards of two feet of snow. This situation underscores the potential dangers posed by such severe weather events to travelers and tourists, highlighting the importance of heeding local advisories and planning accordingly to ensure safety.

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